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segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2016

EXCLUSIVO: Acompanhe a última mensagem do porta-voz do Estado Islâmico

Anteontem (21), o principal escritório de mídia do Estado Islâmico divulgou uma nova mensagem de áudio oficial do Estado Islâmico.

Intitulada de "Que eles vivam de prova", o porta-voz do Estado Islâmico, o Sheik Mujahid Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani Ash-Shami dirige a mensagem aos "crentes" em ocasião ao mês sagrado dos muçulmanos, o Ramadã.

Na mensagem, por exemplo, o Estado Islâmico desmente as mortes de Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, de Abu Omar Al-Shishani e Abu Zayd.

Saiba mais na transliteração oficial a seguir:

All praise is due to Allah, the Strong and Mighty. May blessings and peace be upon
the one sent with the sword as a mercy to the creation. To proceed:

Allah H said, “Indeed, the ones who oppose Allah and His Messenger - those will be
among the most humiliated. Allah has written, ‘I will surely prevail, I and My mes-
sengers.’ Indeed, Allah is strong and mighty” (Al-Mujadilah 20-21). And our Lord
AWJ said about the Jews, “And when your Lord declared that He would surely dis-
patch against them, until the Day of Resurrection, those who would afflict them with
the worst torment. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving
and Merciful” (Al-A’raf 167). Abu Hurayrah %> narrated that Allah’s Messenger |f|
said, “The Hour will not be established until the Muslims fight the Jews. The Mus-
lims will continue killing them until the Jews hide behind stones and trees. Then the
stone or the tree will say, ‘O Muslim, O slave of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind
me, so come and kill him’” (Reported by Muslim). He also narrated that the Prophet
fH said, “The Hour will not be established until the Romans descend upon A’maq.
Then an army from the city, from among the best people of the earth on that day,
will head out to them. When they form ranks for battle, the Romans will say, ‘Make
a way between us and those who took slaves from our people so that we can fight
them.’ So the Muslims will say, ‘No, by Allah, we will not make a way between you
and our brothers,’ and will then fight them. One-third of them will retreat and Allah
will never forgive them, one-third of them will be killed and they will be the best of
shuhada, according to Allah AWJ, and one-third of them will never face any trials and
will then reach Constantinople and conquer it” (Reported by Muslim).

So woe to you, O Crusaders, and woe to you, O Jews. Whenever you arise, parade,
oppress, and transgress, Allah comes at you from where you did not expect, as His
slaves afflict you with the worst torment. This is what our Lord has promised us and
Allah does not go back on His promise, may He be glorified. America the incompe-
tent, together with its allies, thinks that it can scare the believers or triumph over the
mujahidin. Certainly not! Indeed, the crusader coalition came to Iraq 13 years ago,
thinking that none would be able to overpower it and that strength is in numbers and
equipment. Then, after only a matter of days, the idiot Bush announced an end to
military operations, alleged that the war was over, and claimed victory in all his delu-
sion, falsehood, and conceit, and with the utmost level of deception and arrogance.
So we informed him that his war had not yet begun, and it was only a short time
before Bush’s lie and the mujahidin’s truthfulness became apparent and their war on
America and its allies erupted. Thus, the coalition’s army was ground all over Mes-
opotamia and fell into the swamp of destruction, of which it would not get out, by
Allah’s permission. Then, after 8 years of a destructive war that devastated America’s
economy and exhausted its army, the mule Obama announced the crusader army’s
withdrawal from Iraq, falsely claiming another victory. We informed him, again, that
the battle had not yet intensified and we swore to them, saying, “If you leave, you will return.”
So America and the mule of the Jews lied, while the mujahidin spoke
the truth. And so here is the Islamic State, remaining, by Allah’s grace, and here is the
defender of the Jews and the Cross, America, having returned with its army, entan-
gling its very own sons in a war with the mujahidin, promising itself and its allies the
destruction of the Islamic State and the end of jihad.

So listen, O America! Listen, O Crusaders! Listen, O Jews! Our Lord AWJ said, “And
Our word has passed for Our slaves, the Messengers, that they would be supported
and that Our soldiers would indeed prevail” (As-Saffat 171-173). “Fight them, Allah
will punish them by your hands, and He will disgrace them and give you victory
over them, satisfying the hearts of a believing people and removing the fury of their
hearts” (At-Tawbah 14-15). Indeed, we await what He H has promised and we have
confidence in Him. So your armies and your masses will never scare us. Your threats
and your campaigns will not dissuade us. You will never be victorious. You will be de-
feated. Or do you think, O America, that victory is by killing one leader or another?
Indeed, it would then be a falsified victory. Were you victorious when you killed Abu
Mus’ab, Abu Hamzah, Abu ‘Umar, or Usamah? Would you be victorious if you were
to kill ash-Shishani, Abu Bakr, Abu Zayd, or Abu Amr? No. Indeed, victory is the
defeat of one’s opponent. Or do you, O America, consider defeat to be the loss of a
city or the loss of land? Were we defeated when we lost the cities in Iraq and were in
the desert without any city or land? And would we be defeated and you be victorious
if you were to take Mosul or Sirte or Raqqah or even take all the cities and we were to
return to our initial condition? Certainly not! True defeat is the loss of willpower and
desire to fight. America will be victorious and the mujahidin will be defeated in only
one situation. We would be defeated and you victorious only if you were able to re-
move the Quran from the Muslims’ hearts. How impossible a feat! How far off a task
it would be! Rather, we are the People of the Quran, who sell their souls for Paradise.

Indeed, we are of that troop, those whose steeds
marched upon Khosrow with a swift, cool wind;
and plundered the crown of Caesar with spears,
and thus cleared the pathway leading to Rome.

How many an exalted noble we raised,
with bloody hands, though springtime, full of rain;
his fingers, were formed, for holding a sword,
to spend noble deeds atop a pulpit,
then meeting spears with his face and his heart,
and holding his head high, ready for war.

Listen, O Americans, and understand. What have you accomplished after these 13
years of war against the mujahidin in Mesopotamia, and what have they accom-
plished? Indeed, you came to Iraq with tens, or rather, hundreds of thousands,
while we were only a few hundred, or rather, dozens, more or less. It was only three years
before Rumsfeld declared resignation, incapacity, and defeat; and the mujahidin de-
clared the establishment of the Islamic State. “How many a small group was victo-
rious over a large group, by the permission of Allah; and Allah is with those who
persevere” (Al-Baqarah 249). Thus, America was defeated, as its army faced ruin and
collapse, except that it was rescued by the sahwat of treachery and shame.

Then came the established way of Allah AWJ of testing and trying the mujahidin, so
the trial increased and the tribulation intensified, until consolidation was lost in the
cities. But this only increased the mujahidin in patience and certainty. It occurred to
America that it was the golden opportunity to run away. So Obama the Liar declared
victory and withdrawal. O you failed, defeated mule! Where is your alleged victory?
Where is the new map of the Middle East brought by America? Have you forgotten or
do you feign to forget? Or is it us who have drawn it, with your ruin and end coming
imminently? Where is the “free, united” Iraq? Where is democracy? Do you deceive
yourself, your people, and the world? Or do you now acknowledge the Islamic State?
Where are the promised security, development, and prosperity? Were you lying, O
America, or are you simply unable to fulfill promises? Have you made the world safer
by waging war against us, America, or has fear and ruin become the norm? Let Cana-
da, France, Tunisia, Turkey, and Belgium bear witness. Have you eradicated terrorism
and extinguished the fire of jihad, or has it spread and risen, reaching into every land?
Have you succeeded against the mujahidin, or have we declared the Khilafah and are
we blessed, by Allah’s grace, with consolidation!

Hold on, America; the war is not over and you have yet to win. By Allah’s permission,
you will be defeated, so wait. Wait, for our swords have not been sheathed, our arms
have not become weary, and our resolve has not weakened. We have not become
bored nor frail; rather, by Allah’s grace, our strength has multiplied exponentially
since the beginning of your war, America. Every day that passes, we gain strength, by
Allah’s grace, and you become weaker. We take firm steps forward, and by Obama’s
failed plan, you but stumble.

O Muslims! O Ummah of Muhammad ff|! Sham has exposed them. The reality has
become as clear to you as the sun. So whoever perishes, perishes by proof, and whoev-
er lives, lives by proof. This is the whole disbelieving world that has gathered, joined
in an alliance, and rushed madly into fighting the Islamic State. They made waging
war against it, defeating it, and annihilating it their first priority. By what means?
What is their goal? What is the reality? What is the rallying cry? Why have dozens of
disbelieving nations gathered to wage war against the Islamic State? Why have Amer-
ica and its allies launched some 20,000 airstrikes against us? Yes. Some twenty-thou-
sand airstrikes! Why do they spend billions of their wealth on their war against us?
Why do they train and arm armies, gangs, and militias? Why do they carelessly send
their sons from overseas to fight us? Why do they not train, arm, back, or support
any fighters except those who are vetted? Ask them, if they would answer, or answer,
if you can already comprehend.

The whole world has not come together to wage war against us except because we
command the worship of Allah, alone without partner, and we incite others to do
so. We make wala based upon it and we declare the disbelief of those who abandon
it. We warn of shirk in the worship of Allah, and we are severe against it. We make
enemies based upon it and we declare the disbelief of those who engage in it. This is
our call. This is our religion. For this alone, we fight the world and they fight us.

It is not a mockery that America claims to fight us to support the oppressed and aid
the feeble, or to defend the “freedom of the people” or the “citizenry.” The only mock-
ery is that this is actually believed by the mindless beasts who attribute themselves to
Islam, especially those who saw what happened in Sham against the Muslims. It is
not a mockery that America claims to fight us in defense of Islam or to protect it from
extremist alteration, nullifying imitation, or ignorant interpretation. The mockery
and greatest calamity is that the donkeys of knowledge - who are falsely counted as
mujahidin - pass fatwas against the mujahidin, declaring that the vetted apostates are
actually mujahidin for Allah’s cause, fighting against the renegade Khawarij! Indeed,
Allah’s curse is upon the oppressors.

O Muslims! Truly, the mujahidin are victorious - victorious by the sword and arrow-
head, by the evidence and proof. This is the small group striking armies and nations
of the world, enduring these long years. It did not enter any land except that the
tawaghit were unable to crush it and end it therein. No army fought it except that
it caused them to become weak, to bleed, and to weep. And indeed, the mujahidin
have refuted all doubtful arguments, despite the mobilization of every evil scholar
against them, and despite the use of every form of media. There remains no excuse
for anyone after the war of Sham. The truth has appeared clearly for both the learned
and the commoners. There are only two armies, two camps, two trenches. It is the
war between kufr and iman. It is the war of wala and bara. Any other war is nonsense,
no matter the slogans raised by the disbelievers in their war, and no matter the goals
they have claimed.

Where are the Kafir West’s alleged defense of “civilians” and protection of “human
rights” and “freedom”? Indeed, the false and deceiving mask of nobility has fallen,
showing its ugly face under the Nusayri barrels of death, destruction, and gas. Amer-
ica and its allies do not ache and feel pain, except when the mujahidin advance and
gain victories. The world does not weep at the Russian and Nusayri massacres each
day against the Muslims. The sentiments in Europe, America, and other disbelieving
nations are not moved nor shaken by the displacement of millions. They are not dis-
turbed by the hunger, disease, suffering, and death of thousands of helpless and be-
sieged children, women, and elderly people. America and its allies did not care about
those in Ghutah, Zabdani, Madaya, and Mu’addamiyyah. They only cared about
those besieged in the city of Khayr. So they were quick to aid them, throwing heaps
of food each day to the Nusayriyyah. The people of Europe and other lands of kufr
do not shudder at the Russian destruction of hospitals and residential zones, though
they are afflicted by sleeplessness and insanity whenever the Islamic State decapitates
some of the disbelievers, causing them to shiver, tremble, flare up, bombard, and
rally. This, and their ears are deaf and their eyes are blind to what the crusaders, the
Hindus, and the atheists do of massacres, crimes and atrocities against the Muslims
in Burma, Turkistan, Indonesia, Kashmir, the Philippines, Palestine, Bosnia, Central
Africa, Chechnya, the Sunnis of Iran, and the Muslims everywhere else. So it is not
transgression, criminal, or terrorism unless it is perpetrated by a Muslim; just as it is
not transgression, criminal, or terrorism if the victim is a Muslim.

Yes, O Muslims, “That whoever perishes, perishes by proof, and that whoever lives,
lives by proof” (Al-Anfal 42). As for the evil scholars, the shuyukh of dollars and
dinars, and the assembly of sorcerers, hypocrites, and agents, then the falsity of their
fatwas, which they vomit, has become clear. The doubts they affirm have been un-
veiled and proven false, and they will not benefit their masters after today, by Allah’s
permission. They will fail, no matter how earnest and active they might be. Everyone
knows their reality. When their masters gain strength and tighten their grip on the
peoples’ necks, they pass fatwas on the obligation of obeying them and the prohi-
bition of disobeying them and waging jihad; no matter how much they have fallen
into kufr, tyranny, wrong, and spreading corruption. Then, when the mujahidin gain
a foothold in some city, ruling therein by what Allah revealed, their blood boils and
they burst in anger, regurgitating their vomit and passing the fatwa to disobey the
mujahidin and to fight them, expel them, and to uproot them, no matter the cost of
Muslim blood, ruin, and destruction, and permitting - even recommending - seek-
ing support from the kuffar in this regard. Yet whatever the disbelievers do to the
Muslims of slaughter, torture, devastation, and displacement, these evil scholars are
deaf, dumb, and blind. There is no fatwa, no condemnation, and no criticism. But
when the mujahidin kill a kafir in a distant land or respond to some transgression,
the donkeys of knowledge clamor and mobilize without shame to disavow, condemn,
criticize, offer condolences, wail, and lament. All while the tawaghit rulers of usurped
Muslim lands have not left a single nullifier of Islam, except having committed it,
and these evil scholars have not left any “evidence” in their defense, except that they
altered its meaning, whitewashed it, and exploited it. The mujahidin do not practice
a ritual, revive a sunnah, implement a ruling, or establish a hadd, except that the pal-
ace scholars find fault with them, revile them, criticize them, and spread suspicions
in order to avert people from the cause of Allah.

Woe to you, O evil scholars, of the Day of Gathering, the day when secrets are tested
and you have no excuse. Woe to you! You altered the meanings of words and replaced
the truth with falsehood. You made the mercy of Islam to mean taking the kuffar,
tawaghit, and mushrikin as allies! You made the assailing enemy, in their military
bases inside Muslim lands, people of dhimmah (contractual protection) and refugees!
You made the disbelief and shirk of democracy a form of legitimate shura! You made
being silent of the truth and accepting of falsehood, when being afraid to deny it, a
form of praiseworthy patience! You made taking the apostate rulers as allies and re-
lying upon the oppressors a form of wisdom, forbearance, and correct consideration!
You made speaking the truth to a disbelieving, tyrannical ruler a form of rebellion
against those in authority! You concealed what Allah revealed and you forbade jihad,
making its incitement equivalent to sedition! You made killing the enemy kuffar
equivalent to permitting sanctified blood! You made the mujahidin, those who stand
for righteousness, as renegade Khawarij! And the apostate secularists, nationalists,
democrats, agents of America, and their dogs, you made them mujahidin! You made
disbelieving in taghut a great fitnah, making wala and bara a crime, and you made
the tyrant, kafir, apostate rulers leaders of guidance, authorities of justice, and Mus-
lim rulers! You cast Allah’s book behind your backs, sold His verses for a miserable
price, and discarded the signs of Allah and His religion. Your likeness, O apostates,
is the likeness of the dog and that of the donkey carrying books. You sold guidance
for misguidance and forgiveness for punishment. Upon you is the curse of Allah, the
angels, and all of mankind.

To the creditor of the Day of Debt we go,
and unto Allah all litigants assemble.

You will know, based on the account, when we have met
tomorrow, before our Lord, who is blameworthy

O Muslims! Indeed, we do not wage jihad to defend a land, nor to liberate it, or to
control it. We do not fight for authority or transient, shabby positions, nor for the
rubble of a lowly, vanishing world. If our goal were one of these heaps of debris, we
would not have fought the world with all its sects, creeds, and peoples. If we were
able to avert a single fighter from fighting us, we would do so, saving ourselves the
trouble. However, our Quran requires us to fight the entire world, without exception.
We have done no more than to establish the law of our Lord. If it were an issue of
choice, we would have changed. If what we follow or fought for were mere opinion,
we would have recanted. If it were a whim, we would have replaced it. If it were a
constitution, we would have modified it. If it were some fortune, we would have
haggled. If it were but fate, we would have been content. But it is the Quran and
the guidance of our Prophet ff|. “Then is the one who is upon clear proof from his
Lord like the one whose bad deed was beautified to him? And they followed their
desires” (Muhammad 14). What drives us to this is that our Lord said, “Combat was
prescribed upon you” (Al-Baqarah 216), “March forth, light and heavy” (At-Tawbah
41), “Respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to what gives you
life” (Al-Anfal 24), “And what is wrong with you that you do not fight for the cause
of Allah” (An-Nisa 75), “If you do not march forth, He will torment you as a pun-
ishment” (At-Tawbah 39), “So do not turn your backs to them” (Al-Anfal 15), “And
fight the polytheists altogether” (At-Tawbah 36), “Do you fear them? Then it is more
rightful that you fear Allah, if you are believers” (At-Tawbah 13), “Fight them, Allah
will punish them by your hands” (At-Tawbah 14), “Fight those who do not believe
in Allah and the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger forbade,
and who do not obey the religion of the Truth of those who were given the Book,
until they pay the jizyah by hand, while they are humiliated” (At-Tawbah 29), “And
when you meet those who disbelieve, then strike their necks” (Muhammad 4), “And
fight them until there is no fitnah and the religion is entirely for Allah” (Al-Anfal 39).

We will fight, and fight, and fight until the religion is entirely for Allah. We will never
beg people to accept the religion of Allah and to rule by Allah’s Shari’ ah. Whoever
is content, then this is the Shari’ ah of Allah. Whoever dislikes it, is discontent with
it, and refuses it, then we will continue in spite of him. This is the religion of Allah.
We will declare the apostates as disbelievers and disavow them all. We will take the
disbelievers and polytheists as enemies and hate them. “Indeed, there is a good model
for you in Ibrahim and those with him, when they said to their people, ‘Verily we are
innocent of you and what you worship beside Allah. We have disbelieved in you and
there has appeared between us and between you enmity and hatred forever, until you
believe in Allah alone’” (Al-Mumtahanah 4).

We cannot take allies from the disbelievers and apostates of the national military
councils or democratic and secularist factions and boost them up as the apostates of
those groups with Islamic names have done. Allah % said, “And whoever allies with
them of you, then he is of them” (Al-Maidah 51), “And truly He sent upon you in the
Book that when you hear the verses of Allah being rejected or mocked, then do not sit
with them until they engage in other talk. You would be, in that case, like them. Ver-
ily Allah will gather the hypocrites and disbelievers altogether in Hellfire” (An-Nisa
14 1). We are not able to flatter them and overlook them, thereby not rejecting their
shirk and not declaring our enmity and hatred to them, and instead showing them
brotherhood, love, and allegiance, just as al-Qa’idah in Sham, the Jabhat ar-Riddah
(the apostate front) losers, have done. If we do not show enmity and hatred to the
kuffar, then wala and bara will be lost, along with the religion, and the disbelievers
would be mixed with the believers.

You think religion is just lip service,
prayer and combat alongside anyone,

“Make peace and mix” with those who hate the faith?!
What is religion but love, hate, wala,
and bara from every straying sinner?

“And those who disbelieve are allies to one another. If you do not do (wala and bara),
there will be fitnah in the land and great corruption” (Al-Anfal 73). If we knew that
any of the righteous predecessors surrendered a hand span of land to the kuffar, using
the claim of popular support or to save buildings from being destroyed or to prevent
bloodshed, or any other alleged interest, we would have done the same as the Qa idah
of the Fool of the so-called Ummah. But this is an honorable, noble Quran, a pure
Sunnah and upright methodology, a monotheist religion that does not accept con-
cession or alteration. We will fight to the death, even if crops are destroyed, houses
are demolished, honor is disgraced, people are killed, and blood is shed. Either we
will live in the might of our religion as noble masters, or we will die for it with honor.
O soldiers of the Islamic State! It is not hidden from you that crusading America and
its allies, with every kafir nation behind it and the apostates of your own people in
front of it, have gathered and mobilized against you, threatening you. Every day they
claim that the end of the State is near and that this campaign will undoubtedly be
the crusher. They threaten you and try to scare you, but your Lord AWJ said, “Is not
Allah sufficient for His slaves? They try to scare you with those beside Him. And who-
ever Allah causes to stray will never have a guide. And whoever Allah guides will never
have a cause to stray. Is not Allah mighty and takes revenge?” (Az-Zumar 36-37).

Certainly! Allah is sufficient for His slaves, and Allah is mighty and takes revenge!
All power belongs to Allah. If you are believers in Allah and are working for Him,
nothing will frighten you, no matter what it is, other than Allah. Everything other
than Allah is beneath you. Everything other than Allah is a fading force, weak, and
frail. From the moment we announced the establishment of the Islamic State, the
apostates, the crusaders, and the atheists hoped that they would destroy it in a few
days, but they waged war after war, followed by campaign after campaign, each attack
met by a counterattack; so they became weary and failed, Allah disgracing them each
time. So their threats are not new and their disgrace is not far. And furthermore, sit-
uations change every day, and war goes on. And whoever thinks that we fight to pro-
tect some land or authority, or that victory is measured thereby, then he has strayed
far from the truth.

We fight in obedience to Allah and to become closer to Him. And victory is that we
live in the might of our religion or die upon it. It is the same, whether Allah blesses
us with consolidation or we move into the bare, open desert, displaced and pursued.
It is the same, whether one of us is carried off to prison as a captive, or spends the
night with his family, safe and sound. It is the same, whether we are unharmed and
take ghanimah or we are wounded or killed, as victory - according to us - is to live
as muwahhidin, to disbelieve in taghut, to fulfill wala and bara, and to establish the
religion. If this exists, then we are already, and under all circumstances, victorious.
This is the reality, by Allah, and not mere slogans. Those who were truthful soldiers
and leaders of the State wrote this with their blood. Whoever thinks otherwise, even
if he is in our ranks, is not of us. He will inevitably be cast out or leave, even after
some time.

“Then fight, for the cause of Allah, those who purchase the worldly life for the hereaf-
ter. And whoever fights for the cause of Allah and is then killed or conquers, then We
shall give him a great reward” (An-Nisa 74). Abdullah Ibn Amr RA2 narrated that
Allah’s Messenger |i| said, “There is no raiding party that raids, retrieves ghanimah,
and returns safely except that they have hastened a third of their rewards. And there is
no raiding party that raids, loses ground, and is wounded except that they receive all
of their rewards” (Reported by Muslim). So O soldiers of the Islamic State, examine
and tend to your intentions! Mend your thoughts! And be happy with the news that
you are supported, by Allah, for verily we are upon clear guidance and we were not
deceived. By Allah, we were not deceived. Give the news to A1 Salul of that which will
soon harm them, by Allah’s permission. They will be the first to be defeated, if Allah
wills. Nafi’ Ibn ‘Utbah %> said that he heard Allah’s Messenger ff| say, “You will raid
the Arabian Peninsula, so Allah will conquer it (for you); then you will raid Persia, so
Allah will conquer it (for you); then you will raid Rome, so Allah will conquer it (for
you); then you will raid the Dajjal, so Allah will conquer him (for you)” (Reported
by Muslim).

Though the fuqaha of old differed about the meaning of conquering the Arabian
Peninsula, its meaning today is very clear! Our Prophet ff| was truthful and did not
lie. Determination! Determination! You — on behalf of the Ummah — are fighting
against all nations. If you are resolute, you will win. If you flinch, you will fail and
lose. Ahead of you are battles that the insolvent or cowardly will not be able to han-
dle, and there are goods that have no source but combat and war. You are its people,
by Allah’s permission. Ramadan has come near, and it is the month of raids and jihad,
the month of conquest. Prepare yourselves and get ready. Let each of you hope that
he passes it fighting for Allah’s cause, seeking and hoping for Allah’s reward. Let all of
you make it, by Allah’s permission, a month of suffering for the kuffar everywhere;
and we specifically direct this to soldiers and supports of the Khilafah in Europe and

O slaves of Allah, O muwahhiddin! If the tawaghit have shut the door of hijrah in
your faces, then open the door of jihad in theirs. Make your deed a source of their
regret. Truly, the smallest act you do in their lands is more beloved to us than the
biggest act done here; it is more effective for us and more harmful to them. If one of
you wishes and strives to reach the lands of the Islamic State, then each of us wishes
to be in your place to make examples of the crusaders, day and night, scaring them
and terrorizing them, until every neighbor fears his neighbor. If one of you is unable,
then do not make light of throwing a stone at a crusader in his land, and do not un-
derestimate any deed, as its consequences are great for the mujahidin and its effect is
noxious to the disbelievers.

It has reached us that some of you do not act due to their incapacity to reach military
targets, or their finding fault with targeting those who are called “civilians,” so they
leave harming them, doubting the permissibility thereof. Know that inside the lands
of the belligerent crusaders, there is no sanctity of blood and no existence of those
called “innocents.” This is not the venue for mentioning all of the evidences, for the
list is too long; the least of which is dealing with them in just, as their warplanes do
not distinguish between one who is armed and another who is unarmed, nor between
a man and a woman. Know that your targeting those who are called “civilians” is
more beloved to us and more effective, as it is more harmful, painful, and a greater
deterrent to them. So go forth, O muwahhidin everywhere! It might be that you at-
tain great reward or even shahadah during Ramadan.

Racing to Allah without provision,
except taqwa, work for the hereafter,
and then patience for Allah in jihad.

Every provision is of depletion,
except taqwa, duty, and right guidance.

O Allah! Let us reach Ramadan. Help us upon Your obedience. Make us steadfast. O
Allah! We do not fear other than You. We do not seek other than Your pardon and
contentment. O Allah! The whole world has allied and rushed against us, O Allah!
They only retaliated against us because we said that our Lord is Allah! So protect us
from them, O Allah! Through You alone do we seek protection. Help us, O Allah!
Through You alone do we seek help. O Allah! Support us against America and its
allies of the Jews, Crusaders, Rafidah, atheists, groups, fronts, and apostate factions,
and against the Nusayriyyah and their allies, and against all of Your enemies. There
is nothing worthy of worship except You. Glorified are You. Indeed, we were among
the oppressors. O Allah, send prayers upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and
all of his companions. And all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the creation.


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